Christian Capozzoli’s Personal Brand in His Words

Christian Capozzoli is a famous improvisational comedian, performer and professor that entertained his fair share of interviews. In one he was asked about his personal brand and how he defines it. Surprisingly, he didn’t see the word ‘performer’ as his personal brand at first. Mainly because he comes from more than one backgrounds and there […]


Wedding DJ- Provides High-Quality Music

Nowadays, a wedding DJ become popular in trend and everyone is excited to hire a perfect DJ for their wedding occasion. The DJ is not only needed at the time of wedding but it also needed in the pre-wedding ceremonies. A די ג’יי can be a fun way of the live entertainment to your wedding occasion.Wedding […]

The Orinda Theatre, II, Oakland, California, 2014

How To Watch A Complete Film At Home

There are a lot of people who tend to download movies illegally just to enjoy watching a film complets at home. Aside from this option, which many are trying to avoid due to some companies claiming copyrights to movies, there are also other legal ways on how you can enjoy a complete movie at home. All […]


Benefits of Electronic Photo Frame

When you buy an apartment you tend to do a number of things in order to ensure that the house looks beautiful and comfortable. You try everything to make it a space that you can now call your home. This makes it very important to invest in the right kind of furniture and it is […]


Movie Watching Made Easy

It is absolutely true that internet has opened many windows for us. The entire world is right at our fingertips and it has reduced the challenges we used to face earlier. Movies used to be a distant dream and they used to be available to us after 1 year of their release. You had to […]

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The Italian Serie A Round Up

AC Milan has just succeeded in winning the Italian Super Cup after defeating the mighty Juventus in the finals on penalties. This might be just the start to their rise to the top and Juventus might finally get some competition from their old foes. This season is going really great for Serie A fans because […]