Movie Tube- Making Video Watching In Youtube Easier

The invention of the smartphones and the consequent development of mobile apps have been among the biggest revolutions in the world of technology. Application (‘app’ in short) developers have always been working to create apps that could fulfil the ever growing demands of the users catering to their needs. Today, you have an app for almost everything you could think of, for a normal life.

One such top-notch application today, is the free video-streaming ‘Movie Tube’ app. Watching videos from You Tube is one of the biggest craze among most people today. You Tube being the largest storehouse of videos on almost any topic under the sun and Movie Tube gives you an amazing experience of watching videos from the You Tube.

What you do on MovieTube App?

Developed by Toan Trinh, MovieTube App catalogs publicly available streaming videos from You Tube that are longer than 20 minutes. This is certainly one of the best apps to figure out your favourite movie or video on You Tube. Because Movie Tube provides you with a great number of filter options that narrows down your search and lets you get to what you want, at ease.

When you open the app, you are directed to the page which lists a number of trending movies. Choose a video that best fits your choice from the available filters including as many as 32 language options, trending videos, recent releases, movie genres such as animation, classics, action, comedy, crimes, drama, documentary and many more.

You can change default settings using the globe icon and choose genres or categories by just tapping on the category button at the bottom menu bar. Go about watching the movies by clicking on “Watch Movie” button.

Know its features

  • You can watch hundreds of full-length movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, independent film makers, European movie outfits to name a few.
  • Stream movies legally without any constraints because they are the list of publicly available videos.
  • Recent release section allows you to watch all latest video updates.
  • User friendly interface with clean adornment of the various features for ease of usage.
  • You can also find a list of the related videos based on your previous search history.


Watching videos in You Tube was never that easier and hassle free. Download the latest apk version of Movie Tube 4.4 in your Android phone or your iOS, iPad or iPod touch and experience a new dimension in video watching.

Showbox : An Effective Alternative To Conventional Movie Streaming Apps

With the increasing use of smartphones, laptops, tablets and other gadgets; entertainment platforms has changed. Now we look for softwares that enables us to view television programs & films. These softwares, commonly known as apps plays a key role in social media. One such app is Showbox .

ShowBox APK is an app which enables you to watch television programs & films on the go; without any charge. It is similar to MovieBox App used by Android and iOS users. The app is hosted by servers from Russia. One can easily share t.v. programs & films; and download them for later use from Showbox app. Although it is an android app but ShowBox can’t be downloaded from GooglePlay. There are various other websites which offers ShowBox download option.Though the actual websites are or .


It has 2 versions ShowBox APK5.04 and 5.11. Being a fairly new app people are skeptical about its authenticity and veracity. There is a potential concern of security as well – gadgets may be more prone to viruses. It is available for android, iOS, windows platform – easily accessible in Desktop computers, laptops, Mac etc. The installation procedure is pretty simple and concise:

  • Go to the Settings icon and enable “Download from Unknown Sources”on your android smartphone
  • Then download the ShowBox APK file.
  • Find the downloaded file and run it according to instructions to install it.
  • After installation open the app and run. It will take some time to load data then you are good to go.


This app uses your GPS location and suggests show accordingly.Its interface and design is quite unique & creative. The interface have a black and yellow contrast. Here you can search movies and shows using different labels. The app runs on 3G internet and it automatically screens for the best available formats low, medium or high according to your data connection.

Overall ShowBox presents a viable option for people looking for free movie streaming android/iOS apps

Toronto Assaults, Exploring The Darker Shade

Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario, situated in east central Canada. It has blessed us with the famous rapper Dizzy Drake, the so very successful NBA player Shaquille O’Neal , introduced us to the first peanut butter as early as the late 1880s. But like everything in existence, there is more than one dimension to the daily hustle and bustle of Toronto, the darker dimension of its reality.

According to a report by RAINN (Rape abuse and incest national network) , Canada comes 8th  on the list of countries which encounter most sexual assault cases, where on the same list India comes on the 4th .  It states that, one in three women have been sexually assaulted once in their lifetimes , quoting the Justice Institute of British Columbia     , it said one out of every 17 women are sexually assaulted in Canada. 62% of these victims were physically disfigured and over 9% were horrendously beaten.

images (12)

These figures are the ones that have been officially reported , however, an official estimate says that out of 100 rape cases , barely 6 are reported in Toronto. If we go further into the collected statistics, the situation perceived becomes more disturbing to our eyes. Over 17% of girls under the age of 16 experience some form of paedophile or incest, and approximately 83% of disabled women are raped in their lifetime. What’s worse is that, over 80% of the assailants are either family or friends of the victim.

Last year , keeping in mind the existing scenario, a new law was passed in Ontario. Under the campaign name of ‘It’s never okay’ , the law aimed at making workplaces, schools, colleges etc safer and encourages the victims to report the assaults as they otherwise wouldn’t have. Not, just that , the law amends all the previous toronto sexual assault lawyer laws as well.

In 2014 the sexual assault cases reported in Toronto subway were 67, the numbers dropped to 56 in 2015. This however, may not be a good things as it doesn’t necessarily means that the crime rate has dipped but that the cases that are being reported have fallen significantly.  The reporting of this particular category of crime has seen the least filing or official reporting.

Going deeper into the reasons why almost 90 out of 100 cases were not reported, we discovered some unsettling yet justifiable reasons . Over 56% of these women feel powerless or too young to report such cases,  while 40% are ashamed to admit and 19% of women agreed to the fact that they didn’t want to turn in a family member. On being asked how did they feel after reporting the case to the police department, barely 22% of the women said they felt positive while the other 78% were dissatisfied and felt negative. Women have often said that it was extremely hard to convince the lawyer from taking their case, above that it’s often said that the police has dissuaded the victim from pressing charges against the assailant.

images (13)

Toronto’s legal system has tried to keep the ongoing crimes under control but has been so far unsuccessful in doing so completely. The numbers of such cases have dropped significantly, however, it doesn’t allow us to sigh with relief as it might just mean lesser number of cases are being reported. Toronto has a long way to go, socially or legally, before it can successfully see any decline in the ongoing assault rates.

The Best Services For Cleaning The Commercial Places

Do you want to get your office cleaned?

In Toronto, there are a number of commercial places. Not only in Toronto, but also in the whole world, there are several commercial places. But, the discussion is about cleaning the commercial places in Toronto. There are a number of services in Toronto, which are the best and reputed. If you have your own commercial place and want to get it cleaned, then you can consider about hiring a service.

It is very compulsory for the commercial places to be neat and cleaned. It is because the work is only a thing from which the people can earn some amount of money. If the work place will be untidy, then no one would like to work there and also they cannot earn some money. For this reason, one should keep the offices, schools and many other commercial places free from dirt.

images (12)

You can also try to create a healthy environment, by which the people can enjoy working at the commercial places. So, it will be not a difficult task for you to search for the services for the purpose of Office cleaning toronto. Cleaning offices have a number of benefits; some of them are as follows;

  • Creates a positive environment
  • People will not feel any irritation
  • Everyone will not stuck into any diseases
  • Fresh feeling while working
  • Anyone who visit there, will be very impressed

How to select the best services for cleaning commercial places?

Are you looking for such services, which will clean your entire office? You already got to know the advantages of cleaning. So, you will find it very easy to search for it. Always choose such service, which can give you the affordable estimation. It will be very beneficial to you as it will be very reasonable for you.

In Toronto, you will find a number of services and some people face some difficulties. But, you don’t have to face such difficulties now. It is because, with the help of the internet, you will find many services available there. They have mentioned everything on their site and you have to choose one of them, which can be preferable to you.

download (7)

Most importantly, the estimations are available at the reasonable cost. When you apply for it, then you have to mention the spaces of the place so that they can give you the final estimation. After completing all the formalities, you can confirm the estimation only if you are satisfied with it. So, after that, they can start the work and also they will not give any chance of disappointment. Always, select the reputed cleaning services, which can clean the commercial place in such a way that you will find it difficult to explore it.

Finally, you came to know with everything. So, you have to search properly for the services and it`s sure that you can find it at any cost and make others impressed.


Moviebox For Pc

Are you a freak for streaming videos online ……yes then surely this one is for you ! Today biggest means of entertainment we have is NOT TV but online platforms containing all videos from over the world and all under one roof.

MovieBox for pc is one such thing that contains all those stuff namely trailers  of different movies and tv series, program, shows and their videos. Isn’t it great that we get all that stuffs from ONE source in our pc, Hell Yeah!


It is most popular and cool application for online streaming and has all features you may require while watching video like :

  • You can also create watched/unwatched lists in the pc so that you can browse other content easily.
  • Exploring you desired movies/shows and getting more similar recommendations
  • All UN watched movies would be coming in random giving you large range of choices.
  • you can find movies and also give them rating & share stuff you like.
  • Get movie posters and wallpapers etc. And also some description about the videos.
  • You can even save the videos for watching them later.
  • Allows you to apply filters on search like years, genre, title etc. And add shows to your library….

You don’t have to buy anything from amazon or XBOX and pay them for watching your faviourate shows, all you have to do is go and checkout the moviebox.

BUT, remember for PC and android user they can download ShowBox with all the same ,instead some extra features. For downloading it on mac go through:

Movie Box For Mac Pro/Macbook Mini/Air Computer Download

and for windows, go through:

Movie Box For PC/Laptop Download In Windows 8.1/7/8/10


So finally guys end your war with broken links is over this is the perfect tool an online_video_streaming_geek guy needs. So go on and enjoy streaming!

Happy streaming! 🙂


Fallout Shelter Tips-Earn Caps, Make Babies

It is free to play mobile simulation video game & is developed by Bethesda Game Studio & published by Bethesda Softworks. It is produced by Craig Lafferty. It was released worldwide on 14 June 2015 for Ios & on 13 August 2015 for Android devices. Critics enjoyed the core game play & its visual style. The game’s lack of depth, use of unnecessary micro transactions & its lack of ending are the common criticisms. But it received mostly positive reviews upon its release. The fallout shelter tips are listed below

Few Fallout Shelter tips that must be kept in mind are listed below

  • Build with purpose: Building two rooms next to each other they join offers better performance. Adding rooms requires extra electricity output.

  • Adding rooms: To add couple of essential rooms such as Power Station & water treatment is the first thing that Fallout Shelter teaches you. Adding rooms require more power & some other facilities will go dark if you don’t have dwellers assigned to that room. Make sure you have enough Dwellers to staff Power station.
  • Dweller skills: You’ll get number popping on screen when you touch & drag a Dweller to particular room. It indicates their productivity. Adding the person to that room is completely useless if you get a zero. To make our point we’ll again use the Power Station. Tap & view the stats & skills before adding Dweller to the room.
  • Completing Objectives: By tapping Pip-Boy icon at bottom right of the screen, you can find the objective & see if there’s anything that can be knocked off easily. Tap Dweller to bring up the character & assign them an outfit. Doing this can reward you with caps or lunchbox.


  • Earning more caps: Caps are currency. Completing objective is the best way to get caps.
  • Making some babies: You have to populate the living quarters with people to increase number of Dwellers. This increases output & makes the game easier. Place dwellers into job they like, give them breaks in lounges or or place unhappy dweller with one opposite sex.

Pompadour, The Trendiest Hairstyle For Men

Pompadour is the new cool in hairstyles for men. When one is looking for a hot makeover and willing to wear a sturdy look, Pompadour is surely the best choice. A rugged beard worn with a neat pompadour, one is ready to make an impression and stand out in public. Women are surely to go gaga over him.

Origins: –

The term ‘Pompadour’ has been coined from the name of Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV. Pompadour primarily originated as a haircut for women, famous till the early 1900’s and the popularity was such that it was even referred as the Gibson Girl style back then. Later Elvis Presley, the rock god went for Pompadour around 1950 and the hairstyle was launched as a men’s hairstyle. Soon men around the globe began to adapt it.


Classification: –

Pompadour hairstyle can be classified into three kinds. The classic vintage, the famed modern and the very lately prevailing ‘fade’.

Traditional look: –

Men willing to opt for a refined yet a cool look and businessmen should choose the vintage look. One’s longer hair strands swept side ward tenders the theatric appearance and also matches the short beard perfectly. To sport a restrained and classic look, one should not clip his upper part of the hair higher than the crown. A person having chubby cheeks or a round faced man is not to opt for this lest it would become a fashion disaster. The oh-so dashing looks of celebs like Bruno Mars and James Franco can do the talking for how much this style is a craze.

Modern look: –

Innovative playfulness and experimental approaches of hairstylists introduced the world to the modern Pompadour. The back and side part of one’s hair must be trimmed down to grade one and the middle part is to be swept upwards in an angle. A much gutsy act is to shave it up to the crown. The style is a fantastic merging of the vintage look and the undercut but unlike the vintage, it perfectly suits people with round faces also as the reduced width of the face makes it look less wide. David Beckham’s absolutely drool-worthy appearance testifies to how much the style is in vogue.

The ‘fade’: –

The ‘fade’ Pompadour is the modified version of the skin fade and the modern Pompadour. The style is to shave the back and side part of the head as bald as to almost reveal the skin. One has to sweep his middle hair upward along the top. Depending on the length of one’s hair one can select from undercut, ducktail, slick back etcetera. It is quite an expensive style requiring constant care of drying one’s hair with a towel, blow drying, using a pomade, brushing one’s hair at an angle of 60 degree upward, having to apply a hairspray from a distance of 10inch and such on.

Other varieties: –

There are other varieties of Pompadour. Those include-

  • Psychobilly type,
  • Disconnected Top,
  • Side-parted type,
  • Rockabilly type,
  • Tight Taper,
  • Ducktail type etcetera.


 Tips to follow: –

One should keep in mind certain things before opting for a Pompadour.

  • Franchises must be avoided,
  • Select a barber with positive online reviews,
  • Look for one with an Instagram account,
  • Choose Murray’s pomade for thick hair,
  • Opt for Woody’s pomade for thin hair,
  • Go for the style that will compliment the face.

Pompadour raises the style quotient in an instant and makes way for an elegant, handsome look. This makes it the top choice by million men around the world.

FaceTime, An Easy Mode Of Video Communication

The title of this article is justified in every possible manner. The way FaceTime has contributed to the ease of communication technology is phenomenal. It is simplified how you communicate to friends who are situated at a further distance from you. FaceTime keeps the communication between friends and relatives distanced from each other going.

FaceTime is basically a video calling app that has revolutionized the way people see communication technology these days. Decades ago, nobody could have thought of such a technology where people could video chat with their friends who are located far away from them. However, with time the technology has evolved and applications like FaceTime and Skype have come on board. This has contributed to the ease of communication technology to say the least.

FaceTime had been available only on the iOS platform before but with its popularity rising up in the market, the developers made it available to the android platform as well as PC’s. There are an ample of people who make calls to their friends through their PC’s. FaceTime can be downloaded on PC without costing a single penny. This is basically the best part about this video calling app. It does not have any hidden charges that you are bombarded with once you download this app.

The interface of FaceTime is highly interactive and easy to operate. If you do not understand something in the app, you can always opt for the customer support. When it comes to support, FaceTime exercises one of the best customer support systems in the market considering the video calling apps.

There are so many video calling apps in the market but the legacy of FaceTime is unmatched. Its services are also impeccable and hence groom FaceTime into one of the leading video calling apps in town.


Let us study some of the best features of the app:

  1. Chatting with the dear ones through video is an easy process in FaceTime. You can talk to anyone, located anywhere in the world. The only thing you need to put into consideration is that the other person should possess internet.
  2. You can make audio calls instead of putting on the video as well. It consumed lesser data than the usual video call.
  3. Downloading facetime windows is totally free of cost and no hidden charges involved. This is one of the main reasons why FaceTime is so popular among the masses.

Real Estate: Sims Urban Oasis And The Visionaire

Real estate is used to refer to the land and the property in the piece of land. Over the years, the demand for housing has constantly been rising while also the supply has been increasing too though there has been a mismatch. The following article reviews real estate in Sims Urban Oasis and the Visionaire.

Sims Urban Oasis is a ninety-nine-year leasehold residence, and it is located at Sims Drive of District 14 in Singapore. Sims Drive is situated next to Aljunied station. The expected date for the completion of the project is 2018. The project is expected to have 900 units while the residents will be in a position of quickly accessing the nearby Paya Lear Square. Sims Urban Oasis will provide residents with convenience as they will have different modes of transport connecting them to the city at their disposal. The area brings together the historical monuments, shopping malls and famous eateries.

The Sims Urban Oasis is the best location for those in search of a place they can stay in Singapore. The residents will have a chance to take their children to the best school that are found in Singapore. All the social amenities such as gym, swimming pool, barbeque pavilions and health centre are available in the area.

The Visionaire project was completed in 2008. It is located at 70 Little West Street in Battery Park City in New York, USA. The project is a certified LEED Platinum. The Visionaire housing project has 251 apartments that have floor to ceiling windows. The windows provide best possible views of the Hudson River. The open kitchens are fitted with energy efficient appliances. The apartments are strategically positioned as residents can view the Manhattan Skyline. Social amenities are in abundant in the area including a children’s playroom.

download (5)

Real estate is improving day by day, and everyone prefers being a resident of an area where almost all amenities are available. Therefore, the real estate developers are working to bring most of the amenities together.


Information On The Main Problems Encountered By Water Softeners And Their Remedies

Positive water softener reviews will indicate that the product is of good quality. However, if not properly handled, it can lead to breaking down which does not overwrite its quality.

When installing a water softener, you should ensure that you put it in a flat place which should also be safe thus ensuring that it does not get exposed to any mechanical damage. Best Water Softener are those which help us prevent the hardness from the water

Just like any other product, water softeners have their main problems that can be experienced from time to time. These problems might be as a result of poor maintenance or the water being softened containing too much impurities.

The following are the main problems encountered by water softener:

  1. Blockages. This is normally as a result of accumulated minerals and salt which normally creates a deposit. This is normally experienced at the filter screen and the brine line which makes it hard or even impossible for water to flow through to the tank. As a result, the water softener tends to fail functioning and thus the line should be unblocked. Using vaporized salt can also play a big role in preventing these blockages as they are normally fully soluble.
  2. Failed motor. The motor is one of the most essential parts of a water softener. For this reason, it should be functioning properly to ensure that the device runs effectively. However, it may burn due to overloading or faulty connections and thus the water softener will fail. This can either be replaced or have a technician rewind its windings in case it has burned them.
  3. User error. A water softener operates on manual process which gives room to possible errors which definitely affects its efficiency. This can only be controlled by ensuring that the operator is keener during the input setting process. In case it is the first time to install a water softener, you should consult an expert or read the manual thoroughly. You should always put into consideration that change in settings can easily lead to a faulty softener.
  4. Failed resin beads. These are only used in the salt based water softeners. They at times tend to fail to work effectively or they can be broken. You can determine broken beads by observing the softened water and if it contains some floating particles, then there is likelihood that the beads are broken. If they are broken, they should be replaced but in case they are not functioning properly, they should be cleaned as directed by the manufacturer.
  5. Salt bridges. This is normally as a result of salt forming hard piles of deposits at the base of the tank. Formation of a salt bridge can be noted by the softener failing to completely soften the water. It also prevents the system from undergoing a regeneration cycle. Once a salt bridge has been detected, it should be removed for proper functioning of the softener.

Failing to immediately rectifying any of these problems can simply lead to breaking down of the entire system where it might call for replacement or repairing cost.